‎12-Fold Disciplines for Hindus

1. Daiva Yajna – Regular worship of god.

2. Vishaya Bhoga Yajna – Converting all interactions into worship; whatever
we give is an offering and whatever we take is a prasada or an offering to
lord within us.

3. Dhama Yajna – Discipline of sense organs.

4. Sama Yajna – Mastery of mind (We should lead the mind, not the other way

5. Dravya Yajna – Charity itself is a Yajnam.

6. Tapo Yajna – This refers to penance or control & moderation in
everything (Any excess indulgence is a sign of weakness).

7. Yoga Yajna – Practicing Ashtanga Yoga & asanas for physical & mental

8. Swadyaya Yajna – Parayanam of scriptures (with or even without the
knowledge of meanings).

9. Jnana Yajna (2 types) – Spiritual knowledge on Self which is the highest
form of Yajna and

10. Apara Vidyas – Other disciplines or knowledge which will aid the above – knowledge on subsidiary limbs of Veda (Veda Angani). For example, knowledge of language like Sanskrit, etc.

11. Pranayama Yajna – Practice of pranayama (if done as a spiritual
discipline with mantras & Lord’s name).

12. Aahara Niyama Yajna – discipline in eating (it is preferable to have
Saatvik Ahara as it also helps controls the mind)

– from teachings by Swami Paramarthanandaji (with thanks and blessings to Prashant Parikh for sharing this)